"...this is not an exhibit, nor art, nor images, but words contained in designs."
Kołodziej, 432

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Jason A. Schmidt


Jason A. Schmidt
Ron Schmidt, S.J.

Executive Producer

Arthur Schmidt


Jason A. Schmidt

Ron Schmidt, S.J.


Jason A. Schmidt

Director of Photography

Gregory J. Schmidt, SOC


Marek Zebrowski

Associate Producers
Matthew W. Schmidt
Christof Wolf, S.J.

Voice of Marian Kołodziej
Roman S. Czarny 

Camera Operators

Gregory J. Schmidt, SOC

Jason A. Schmidt

Christof Wolf, S.J.

Additional Editor

Tangier A. Clarke

Editorial Consultant

Matthew W. Schmidt

Polish Consultant and Translations

Roman S. Czarny

Production Assistants (Poland)

Maciek Borowiec

Łukasz Osóbka

Joanna Klich


Frank Tobin PR

Marketing Consultant

Pam Tomkinson

Graphic Design

Chris Rucker, Kruhu Design & Creative

Website Design

Tangier A. Clarke

Score Performed by

The 432 Ensemble

Score Recorded at

L.A. Sound Gallery

Burbank, CA

Score Producer and Mixer

Kraig Tyler

Score Recording Engineer

Jeremy Miller

Assistant Engineer

Sam Plattner

Voiceover Recording Engineer

Rodger Pardee

Re-Recording Mixer

Mitchell Lindskoog


Ronen Pestes

Post Production Services


Still Photography

Jason A. Schmidt

Christof Wolf, S.J.

Grip and Lighting Equipment

Loyola Productions Munich GmbH

Travel Arrangements

Vice-Roi Travel, Los Angeles

Legal Representation

Justine Jacob

Lee & Lawless Law Offices

Thanks to:

The Franciscan Monks of the

Maximilian Kolbe Center, Harmeze, Poland

Fr. Stanislaw Czerwonka, OFM Conv.

The Auschwitz Museum, Poland

Fr. Kolbe Missionaries of the Immaculata

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (Los Angeles)

Family Theater Productions

Polish Consulate of Los Angeles

Hope Media Productions

Meghan Cooper

Ellen Lawson

Bahar Schmidt

Nicholas and Emilia Schmidt

Godehard Brüntrup

Marcin Baran

Luis Proenca

Jesuit Community Munich

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish  Tujunga, California

Blessed Sacrament Parish

The Society of Jesus, California Province

International Documentary Association

Madeline Groenewegen

Sue Werner

Tina and Bill Brown

Lars Hoefs

Joel Pargman

Gabrielle Castriotta

Amy Tatum

Luke Maurer

Amy Wickman

Ann O’Donnell

Javier Ruisanchez

Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP

Joe Ferullo

Evy Nelson

Lynn Crandall

Special Thanks

Halina Słojewska-Kołodziej

Filmed on Location in Harmeze, Poland.

© 2010 December 2nd Productions

All Rights Reserved

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