"...this is not an exhibit, nor art, nor images, but words contained in designs."
Kołodziej, 432

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"Although the Holocaust has been the subject of a surplus number of films, “The Labyrinth” provides an utterly original examination of the subject that must be seen. This 37-minute production is nothing short of brilliant."    --- Phil Hall, Film Threat
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"FOUR out of FOUR STARS. The Labyrinth is the most powerful film I've seen this year. Shocking, mesmerizing, unforgettable!"

--- Todd David Schwartz, CurveWire


Holocaust film produced by Jesuit possible Oscar contender by Joe Ferullo

A film about the Holocaust – produced by a Jesuit priest and directed by his son – finds itself on a possible path to the Academy Awards... (more)


The Labyrinth of Auschwitz by Valerie Milano

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 8/4/10 — “I built Auschwitz…because I arrived on the first transport.”  With these foreboding words, Polish artist Marian Kolodziej, Auschwitz prisoner number 432, takes viewers on his half-century journey from repentance to redemption in award-winning independent filmmaker Jason A. Schmidt’s new short documentary, The Labyrinth. (more)


'The Labyrinth': Putting a face on what we've only read about  by Anne Hansen
A story being told this week (Aug. 13-19) in Los Angeles is important for as many people as possible to hear (more)


LFM Reviews The Labyrinth by Joe  Bendel
Marian Kołodziej’s art is not merely art, but testimony of the unimaginable. It is displayed not in a gallery, but in a labyrinth nestled beneath a small Polish church near Kołodziej’s former residence, Auschwitz. Through his darkly distinctive art, Kołodziej bears witness to the Holocaust in Jason A. Schmidt’s documentary The Labyrinth, (more)

Two Holocaust themed films at Boulder film festival by Susan Glairon
For more than 50 years, Marian Kolodziej never spoke publicly of the suffering he witnessed as a teenager. His aging artist’s hand never expressed the painful emotions he tried so hard to suppress. (more)


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